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Kachelofen / Kamin

We build your tiled stove or fireplace

A crackling open fire and cozy tiled stove warmth have always been the epitome of cosiness. Hilpert combines this value concept with today's requirements that are placed on tiled stoves and open fireplaces: building a cozy focal point in the house, underlining your own living style and, last but not least, having an independent fireplace next to the existing central heating. Hilpert has extensive experience in individually planning and realizing a tiled stove or open fireplace according to the technical rules of the stove and air heating construction trade. This guarantees perfect and safe functions. Ask us about particularly environmentally friendly combustion technologies.


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Examples and pictures

The systems shown are intended to give you a brief overview of the various design options for tiled stoves and open fireplaces. Since each of our tiled stoves and fireplaces is individually planned and designed, the development of your dream property is always preceded by a detailed consultation. So that we can get an idea of your premises, we ask you to send us a floor plan of your house and tell us a few things about your ideas (e.g. style, basic or hot air oven, open fireplace or fireplace, intended energy source, existing chimney). We will then work out an initial proposal for you.

We cordially invite you to visit our showroom, which will show you the tiles and sample stoves we manufacture.

We are looking forward to your visit!